About Cassim Veterinary Anaesthetics

Mr Cassim is a registered Engineering Technician and was the Chief Anaesthetic Technician at Groote Schuur Hospital. He retired at the end of May 2007, but has been assembling anaesthetic machines since 1972.

His responsibilities included the service and maintenance of all anaesthetic machines and vaporisers at Groote Schuur and most provincial hospitals in the Western Cape and Namibia. This included the changeover of vaporisers from Halothane to Isoforane and the accurate calibration of vaporisers.

All anaesthetic machines currently in use at tertiary hospitals have fitted monitors, commonly known as agent monitors, which sound an alarm if the vaporisers are out of calibration. To date, Mr Cassim has never had any ‘throwback’ or accidents due to the failure of his workmanship. Having operated in Anaesthetic Practice since 1972. Mr. Cassim’s expertise has come a long way and guarantees clients ‘Peace of Mind’ when an Anaesthetic Machine is purchased. Mr. Cassim offers his clients superb technical support.

Our Mission

You can rest assured that we have your patient/pets wellbeing rated at 100%. To ensure that our Anaesthetic Machines provide quality across the board we import most of the fundamental parts that allows for the smooth operation of our anaesthetic machines.

Our Philosophy

We are reliable, friendly, passionate and honest at what we do.

We happily deal with your queries or questions you may have with regard to our services. Whatever you need in Veterinary Anaesthetics Machines we will supply.