The machines are designed to last and assembled in a way which keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. It’s true cost-effective value!

With superior anaesthetic technical expertise in the assembly and maintenance of anaesthetic machines, for both human beings and animals (CYPRANE trained for vaporisers), our machines are developed with user and patient safety in mind.

Anaesthetic Machine

This machine is easy to use and aesthetically simple. It is manufactured to high safety standards and comes fitted with a diffuser to neutralize the toxic gases that are usually emitted by Anaesthetic machines.

The benefits of this machine are:

Anti-Pollution Diffuser

The DIFFUSER is standard to our veterinary anaesthetic machine. Its function is to filter the toxic exhaled gases from the patient and simultaneously improve the theatre air quality. All our mobile anaesthetic machines are developed with safety and come standard fitted with diffusers. We can also upgrade your existing machine with a diffuser, making it safer and cleaner to use. Let common sense prevail and scavenge your excess gases through a diffuser.

Our Veterinary Anaesthetic Unit is the only unit at present that has an attached scavenge. We encourage pure quality environments i.e. Operating theatres as well as the immediate surrounds. Do not scavenge through your theatre window or wall. Female theatre staff (child bearing) are also at risk. Remember even a small amount of Anaesthetic Agent can be dangerous.


Portable Anaesthetic Machine

Our portable carry around Vet Machine when fitted on a TV swing arm becomes your wall model. The unit comes standard with, a single rotameter, Vaporiser select bracket, Vaporiser, Loflo manifold, oxygen flush, Anti-pollution valve with tubes and breathing bags.

This machine is also portable and perfect for operations out in the field or outside of your rooms. Developed with safety in mind and are low maintenance. This compact wall mounted model is ideal for smaller spaces and includes:

Equine Anaesthetic Machine

Is complete with CO2, absorber, 40mm breathing tubes, 30 litre breathing bag, O2 flush, MK3 Halothane vaporiser and epoxy coated mobile with brakes on the front wheels.

We can save your clinic between R10000 and R20000

We can upgrade your current anaesthetic machine to the latest lo-flo system, and that includes a lo-flo manifold a reuseable detachable soda lime absorber, with either top of the range DATEX OHMEDA MK4 or MK5 Isoforane or DATEX OHMEDA Sevoforane vaporisers.

The upgrade will include the supply of a vaporiser select bracket a set of breathing tubes, 2 liter and 5 liter breathing bags fitting of a anti-pollution diffuser. Plus a free service of your reusable machine parts.

Your pre 2001 may not look like a new machine but it certainly would work like one, or we can supply you with a new trolley, and you could still save R10000.

We will also consider to trade in your older model anaesthetic machine against the purchase of a new machine, and we will still save you thousands of Rands.

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