Veterinary Anaesthetics with a difference.
Do we need this product in our practice….YES
Is the product affordable….YES
Do we save using this product….DEFINITELY YES!
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You can rest assured that we have your patient/pets wellbeing rated at 100%.


The machines are designed to last and assembled in a way which keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. It’s true cost-effective value!

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To date, Mr Cassim has never had any ‘throwback’ or accidents due to the failure of his workmanship.

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Is your existing machine a risk to your health? Do you scavenge your excess gases through a window or a wall? Is it polluting the air?


“It is so reassuring to know that we need never worry about running out of oxygen mid op, and also not have the extra expense of the hiring fee for the backup cylinder” .

“Ek is hoogs tevrede met my eenheid, hierdie masjien het homself klaar betaal binne twee jaar om nie te praat van al my besparings nie.”